Equitan Equine Assisted Learning

Team Building & Leadership

Team Building & Leadership


Unlock your inner leader and remove barriers

Our team building program will challenge you outside of your comfort zone. The skills you will need to complete challenges with your equine partner will enhance your relationships with your fellow teammates, professional colleagues etc. Through this objective based, experiential learning program your horse will  provide you with a live performance review and immediate feedback. You will be able to connect your experience with your equine partner to the challenges and opportunities you face every day. Participants will be encouraged to to unify their efforts, join together and work as allies, stimulate negotiation and share the available resources to find success. Our goal is that you will leave as a more engaged, productive and cohesive team.

Programs are customized to address the specific needs of the group, creating a fun and interactive experience that will be remembered long after you leave the arena.

you will:

  • Understand your leadership style while helping your team effectively reach their goal.

  • Become a mindful team member.

  • Gain a greater understanding of self and awareness of others.

  • Recognize the need to constantly adapt in order to facilitate change, leading to success.

  • Unlock the barriers that prevent individuals from effectively working together.

  • Improve group communication and appreciation of the work of others.

To find out more about our team building programs, or to book a program, please contact us.