Equitan Equine Assisted Learning

Personal Development

Personal Development Workshops

Working with horses instills confidence, leadership and forces us to examine our actions and reactions and how these affect others. By navigating obstacles in teams including an equine partner you will develop new skills which can be used in life outside of the arena in personal and professional settings.

Our personal development workshops are tailored to address areas in your life where you are currently experiencing challenges, and will help you to develop new communication skills, explore your self-awareness and challenge yourself in new ways. You will problem solve through exercises that will challenge you to see alternative perspectives, hone your leadership and teamwork skills, and perhaps discover new things about yourself and your relationships.

These programs can be tailored to meet specific group needs.


family night

Bring your herd and come join ours! If you are looking for something fun and unique to do with your loved ones, our family workshops may be for you. These workshops will develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills for your family to utilize outside of the arena as each family member plays an important role in the activities. Working in groups of 4 along with your equine partner you will navigate obstacles and challenges that will provide you with learning opportunities and fun for all. This program is suitable for ages 8 and up. 

Couples night

Our couples workshops integrate activities focusing on communication, trust, and creativity as you and your partner (and equine team member) problem solve through exercises that will challenge you to see alternative perspectives and perhaps discover new things about yourself and your relationship. This fun experience allows for couples to work together, have fun and grow in their relationship through this new experience. 

ladies night

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never tried to give a woman a horse. Gather your girls for this ladies night out with horses. In this workshop we will develop new communication skills, explore our self-awareness and challenge ourselves in new ways. Integrate yourself as part of the herd as you work with your friends, two and four legged, to problem solve through obstacles. Light refreshments will be provided as we discuss what happened in the arena and how that relates to our work, relationships and self.