Equitan Equine Assisted Learning

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Your facilitators


Owner / lead facilitator

Myscha Stafford

Myscha has been riding horses since the tender age of four. She has competed for over a decade at a provincial and national level in hunters, jumpers and equitation as well as providing side saddle educational demonstrations. She continues to be an avid rider, horse show judge and instructor. When not working with horses, Myscha is the Membership and Chapter Coordinator for Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association; Canada's largest horticultural organization.

Having spent several years in professional facilitation roles for various education programs, she delivers engaging programs to facilitate exercises for corporate and private groups, teams, families and couples to develop their team building, leadership and communication skills as they work with equine partners. Equitan has been her dream since the start of her university career and combines her passion and skill with horses with her desire to provide alternative strategies for those who have experiences trauma and mental health challenges, as well as individuals of all ages looking to develop skills necessary for personal and professional life. 


• Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator
• Ontario Equestrian Federation, Bronze Level Judge


Wilfrid Laurier University
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), 2014


• Equestrian Canada •Ontario Equestrian Federation •Ontario Hunter Jumper Association

Your equine partners

Bolero is our poster boy. He is a Hanoverian gelding sired by the elite stallion Viva Voltaire. Bolero led a successful career as a competitive show horse for several years. The countless hours spent at horse shows have allowed Bolero to tour the province and gain miles of life experience. Bolero, or more affectionately known as Bo, loves being the centre of attention. As a show horse, Bo spent most of his life with extremely high expectations and a very fast paced lifestyle. This was never his cup of tea. Bolero needs a patient leader with a plan of action and clear communication to be successful. 




Dora is a Percheron cross mare owned by Old Orchard Farm. Her nickname around the farm is Dora the Explorer and she holds true to her name through her inquisitive nature. She always aims to please but requires a strong leader who will give her clear directions and set boundaries for her. Still relatively young, she is still discovering the world around her and she can get a little distracted. She will teach you how to provide clear direction and make quick decisions.

Koko is our diva. An Old Orchard Farm resident for most of her life, Koko is very opinionated. She needs a gentle and patient leader; not a dictator. Koko is not the type to show affection and does not get attached easily. It will take a willing personality to be her partner and keep her focused on you rather than coming up with her own ideas.

Mel is a Thoroughbred pony gelding. A former staple in Old Orchard Farm's riding lesson program, Mel has helped teach multiple riders about patience and clear communication. He requires a focused and confident leader to keep him on task. Mel needs his team to stay focused and communicate clearly.

Maggie is another Old Orchard Farm resident. She shows her zest for life through her speed when being ridden but is more than happy to stand quietly for a cuddle. Maggie is a very sensitive lady and likes a quiet leader who will be patient with her. Her sensitivity and quietness make her an ideal partner for taking things slowly, communicating clearly and rewarding a job well done.