Equitan Equine Assisted Learning

Making Strides in Mental Health

Making strides in mental health


This program is customized for individuals navigating mental health challenges, or who have experienced trauma and are looking for an alternative method of self-reflection and development.

The intuitive nature of horses make them ideal partners for increasing one’s self awareness as your equine team mate will respond to your actions and reactions as you build a relationship founded on trust, leadership and clear boundaries. Horses are non-judgemental and provide honest feedback allowing room for personal growth and development.
Working in small groups along with an equine partner, you will enhance your communication and leadership skills, develop your confidence, build trust with your equine partner and develop critical life skills that will be applied outside of the arena.


hone your inner leader

Working with horses is ideal for developing your own leadership skills. Equine naturally look for a leader and are accepting of one which gives clear direction and sets boundaries. By working through various obstacles you will develop your leadership skills by building a relationship with your equine partner where you give them guidance and direction. As this relationship builds, you will develop your own confidence in your leadership abilities and decision making skills and will be empowered as you direct your journey.


enhance communication skills

It is suggested that over 80% of our communication is non-verbal. Horses have highly developed skills to read body language and other non-verbal communication tools. They can sense a change in heart rate, distinguish between threatening and non-threatening posture and are highly responsive to voice. As you navigate obstacles, our horses will provide you with honest and instantaneous feedback on your communication skills. You will be challenged to remove barriers to enhance communication between you and your partners. As you lead them through the exercises you will be tasked with giving them clear communication and direction. These communication tools are critical for life outside of the arena for articulating our own needs, thoughts and boundaries, but also in our relationships with others and how we react and communicate in various social situations.


excel in group dynamics

Not only will you be working with an equine partner, but many of the obstacles will involve team work with fellow participants. Working in teams and small groups allows us to apply the feedback our horses are giving us instantaneously with other people. By applying the responses from horses, you and your group will develop your communication skills to address the obstacles, but also be able to take these skills outside of the arena in into your daily lives.

Through this program you will:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Develop teamwork and listening skills
  • Develop relationships
  • Enhance problem solving, choice making and negotiation skills
  • Gain insight into group dynamics
  • Learn to remove defensive barriers

This program is customized to meet group needs. To book this program please contact us.